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Like all parents, we believe our children deserve the best possible opportunity to develop and thrive. This includes learning, being active, reducing screen time, spending quality time with family & friends and having fun.

But strangely, while there are food delivery or car ride hailing apps and online shopping portals galore, there is a huge void when it comes to providing that same level of choice and convenience around children’s development programs.

Be it at preschool, primary or secondary school age; be it co-curricular or extra-curricular; be it academics, sports, fun & play, art & craft or science & tech: parents deserve to make informed choices and find what is right for their children.

This is why we set out to create Kiddo: an app, where parents can see what service providers offer, where and when; read about other parents’ experiences; see what friends are doing and connect with them; this all combined with the convenience of being able to make direct payments through ‘KiddoPay’.

We are looking to make a difference in our community and to parents and children in urban centers around the globe. There are about 1 million children at school age in the UAE, globally the number stands at over 1.3 billion. Our mission is to ensure every child gets the right development and learning opportunity.

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Aarti Shah
Founder and CEO